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New Certifications!

Rise and grind! I like taking courses, both in-person and also sometimes online. I've been picking away at a few...

I saw a post in the NSFA members group that TRX was doing free online trainings. 6 hours in a zoom call was grueling and I'm not sure if I will ever teach TRX or not, but one facility I sometimes teach at has a frame set up with a few suspension trainers. If nothing else I'm looking forward to looking super skilled in my own gym workouts.

This one I'm a little more excited for- I've really been enjoying kettlebell training and I'm actually quite pleased with this online certification from Dragon Door. This certificate is for the course only (which I did back in January), I'm still working on my final test video which I originally submitted in March because the master trainer asked me to re-film and re-submit. I'm trying to action her corrections as precisely as possible- I want to make sure my own skills are 100% on point. I don't know if I will ever have the opportunity to teach kettlebell programs (I don't have a class set of bells) but someday I would love to at least include it in something else I do.

Overall I think that continuing education is really important for all fitness instructors, even if they don't directly teach the specific thing they went on a course for. I still mostly teach primarily my Bellyfit and barre fitness classes, but I always get something from these continuing education opportunities. TRX specifically gave me some great cueing strategies for plank! I've taught plank for so long in my group exercise classes and was always using the same old cues. I'm hoping what I've learned will help somebody in my class sometime.

Speaking of classes, my online Zoom classes start this week! Bellyfit on Tuesday at 8:30pm, Barre fitness on Thursday at 8:30pm, and Bellyfit Flow Friday at 12:15pm (lunchtime class). $5 or pay what you can! email me at to register for the class or classes of your choice and get on the list.

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