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Behind the Scenes at Petite Physique on Zoom

On March 17th, we moved into our first home. On March 22nd, our province declared a state of emergency.

I would have had 2 more classes left at the North Woodside Community Centre (NWCC) where I've taught my group fitness classes (Bellyfit and LeBarre) for years. We moved from a cozy older 2 bedroom apartment to a cozy 3 bedroom semi with a finished basement that's further from our day jobs, but closer to my in-laws (who have been watching our daughter during the day when we are at work). Also closer to NWCC.

When the state of emergency was declared and my classes, like everything else, were suspended indefinitely, I decided to take time to focus on moving into our home, and maybe do some fitness instructor personal development. I even posted this.

(By the way: those two discount codes I mentioned in that Facebook post- keepdanicingwithbellyfit is valid for just a LITTLE longer if you'd like to purchase any at-home Bellyfit videos! I make no commission if you use that code, I just want people to have fun shimmying at home. The Lebert Fitness EQualiser code is no longer valid, but you can get 20% off an equipment purchase using this link or my discount code, JESSICAPENNEY15 and I won't lie, I do make a little bit of pocket change if you do that-here's a link if you fancy it).

Since then I've been picking away at a few online certifications (Yoga Shred, Lebert Fitness's Ultimate Guide to EQualiser training, Hardstylefit Level 1, and TRX), and unpacked a lot of boxes. We ordered furniture and whatnot online for delivery (been over a month, still haven't had a shipping notification for my computer desk from IKEA). And I got the basement converted into a little workout spot.

Sorry, that's not a very good workout selfie! But it's fairly indicative of my daily routine, sitting on the floor covered in chalk, haha. I'm working from home so (now that we're allowed to have a "family bubble" with another family) after I get the baby ready to visit Nanny and Grampy, I go upstairs, work my day job for a while, then on my lunch break, I go downstairs and work on the corrections I got from the hardstylefit master trainer on my test video, or maybe take some time to practice Bellyfit Flow or do some calisthenics skill building with my EQUALISERS.

Some of the state of emergency restrictions have eased, but it looks like it will still be a long time before things get back to normal. And based on what we know about COVID-19, I think returning to my in-person classes aren't likely until after either there is a vaccination, or if it's possible to fully eliminate the virus just through social distancing and whatnot.

So, I bought premium Zoom and some clip lights and got to work figuring out how to e-teach!

After a few test classes, I'm as ready as I'll ever be. Bellyfit and Barre Fitness Tuesday and Thursday evenings respectively at 8:30pm, and Bellyfit Flow at 12:15pm on Fridays (lunchtime class!). $5 or pay what you can. Registration details available right here. Get in touch if you have any questions, and be well! <3 I hope I'll see you soon at North Woodside or maybe Dalplex, but until then, Zoom will have to do.

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