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Petite Physique: Fitness Classes with Jessica

Having Fun with Fitness-

Find me at the North Woodside Community Centre

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About Petite Physique: Fitness Classes with Jessica

I'm a group fitness instructor based in Nova Scotia, Canada (AST) and I love leading dance-based and inspired group fitness classes. Everybody is unique, with their own strengths and limitations- all of my classes are appropriate for all levels of fitness, so we can all move and groove together.  Nobody gets left behind.

Barre Fitness

High reps for the endurance you need to dance all night

A ballet-inspired muscular endurance program, barre fitness combines balance, agility and resistance training with Pilates for a cardio-based barre fitness workout.  Barre fitness is barefoot friendly and you can follow along with a yoga mat and a chair (additional weights etc are optional depending on your personal equipment collection).

Coming Soon:  Kettlebell

Doing More with Less

I'm working on my Agatsu Kettlebell 1 certification and recently complete Dragon Door's Hardstylefit level 1.  I'm hoping to do my Personal Trainer certification this calendar year, and after that, I'd love to do one on one and/or small group training.

Jess is amazing. I've had the pleasure of having her as a Bellyfit instructor and she's very empowering, very knowledgeable and very inspiring

Dewi Schindeler

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Dartmouth, Nova Scotia


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